The Kindness Kook

Kindness Leads To Radical Life Change!

Who Is The Kindness Kook?

waterboy_kindlephoto-6032716Ken Glassmeyer has been a catalyst of kindness for over thirty years.  As one of the original founding members of the Vineyard in Cincinnati, he has innovated, organized, and led hundreds of outreach events, serving thousands of people in multiple cities in the U.S. over the last three decades.  He is a retired educator, consultant, author, and the former editor of Steve Sjogren’s Serve! Magazine.  He was also a highly successful coach of football, basketball, and fast-pitch softball.  In 2000, Ken was involved in the only school shooting in U.S. History that completely avoided injury and fatality when he exchanged himself for the teacher and students that were being held hostage by a very disturbed young man.  In 2005, Ken was named Ohio Language Arts Teacher Of The Year.  Ken is available to energize your outreach endeavors, no strings attached, because there actually is such a thing as a free lunch.  You can learn more by contacting the folks at Kindness Now!

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