Kwik Kindness #6: Hoop Dreams!

wp-1553955853783.jpegThis one is perfect for small groups and individuals.  You will need a few trash bags, a ladder, a push broom and a dust pan.  Then go to your local sporting goods store and buy a few nylon basketball nets.  If you have the additional funds, consider buying some Gatorade and bottled water to ice down.  Now drive around your neighborhood and look for parks with outdoor basketball ball courts that have seen better days.  Now go clean up the court of trash and broken glass.  Pull down the tattered net or chain from the iron hoop and replace it, consider repairing or repainting the shot box on the backboard as well as court lines, if you have the budget.  Let me tell you there is no greater sound than the snap of a brand new net when folks come out and start shooting basketball on a once abandoned court.  A little known secret. . .those huge fabulous free block parties we used to throw at Cincy Vineyard, actually grew from me and a few friends driving around the city and cleaning up small neighborhood parks.  Before long, folks were bringing grills, hot dogs, and face painting for kids.  As always, The Kingdom of God became a fabulous party!

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