KWIK KINDNESS #5: Emergency Poncho Brigade!

This one is so easy, you will be giving yourself a V8 smack to the forehead.  Remember how I suggested you should keep a ‘Kindness Krate” stocked in your car?  Well, this is a perfect item to have in there for an impromptu outreach: Give out emergency ponchos during unexpected rain showers that catch people outdoors unexpectedly.  Whether out and about on your normal errands, or if another fair weather outreach is hampered by weather, now you are prepared.  If you shop around, you can find these for under $1.00!

I am one of the most popular guys in my section whenever a sudden rainstorm pops up at a Cincinnati Red’s game.  I just get to nod and tell them it was God that gave me the idea and then let the conversations begin.

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