Kwik Kindness #3

8b43c3042679cf1416991945415d03e9_1024Like with most of the Kwik Kindness Outreaches, this is simple and will cost you just ten bucks, if your funds are tight.  I promise you, this is the most legal fun you can have with a roll of quarters.


All you need is creativity for this one to work.  It builds off of everything o (4)you already learned doing the Free Car Wash, but this is more of a guerilla outreach, born out of necessity.  As many know, my health has been ailing.  I no longer have the vigor to haul around the hoses, buckets, sponges and brushes to do the impromptu car wash outreach, let alone squat down and properly scrub a dirty car.  In fact, I can barely operate one of those Spray and Dash pressure wands.  It was at one of these coin operated car washes, cleaning my own car that I came up with this idea.

oThere I was, minding my own business, cleaning my own car, when a panhandler approached me. As always, rather than offer him cash, I gave him a Kindness Bag.  He declined it with a frown.  After all, he had picked this spot judiciously to catch people with spare change out, he was not counting on meeting a prepared Kindness Kook.  He also wasn’t interested in helping me wash my truck for a few bucks.  I was disappointed, but hey sometimes even I get rejected during evangelism.  I said a quick silent prayer as he shuffled off.  Then I looked up at the other people washing their cars.  No one looked happy to be there.  Then I remembered I had my whole jar of spare quarters and a bunch of time on my hands. It was time to turn this Splash and Dash into a party.

That’s when it hit me.  I can do Free Car Washes without the Hassle!  It’s o (2)very simple.  Just grab a few friends, hit your spare change bowls, and see how many quarters you can come up with between you.  Don’t forget to flip the couch cushions.  Grab your $1.00 Car Was Signs, and head to your local coin operated car wash.  Take over one of the bays, and offer to load the vending machine with quarters for whatever they are washing.  Depending on your budget, you can either fully scrub the car, or just top off their wash as the machine starts beeping for more quarters to extend their wash time.

img_1791Don’t forget those signs.  Remember we changed them from “FREE” to “$1 Car Wash” not because of inflation, but to get a bigger head tilt:  We are paying them a dollar, just for the privilege of being able to serve them by washing their car.  Remember, this is very biblical.  It was a tremendous service to wash feet during Jesus’s era, because everyone wore sandals, and the plumbing was basically the streets.  Today we scrub and shine tires, but it really is the same thing.

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