Kwik Kindness #2

Every one hates being at the BMV.  Why not be a servant?  If your regional 14492518_985883061537591_4504792467795523590_nlicense registration office has a numbering system like taking a number at the butcher, I have the perfect outreach for you.  Here is the real kicker, it cost you absolutely nothing.  Well, other than your time and emotional energy.  The plan is simple.  On your next off day go to the office about an hour after they open so there is a line.  Get a number and sit down.  Pray.  Ask God to show the right person.  They will be frenzied and miserable.  Wait and pray a bit more and let the drama unfold a bit.  Then approach them and offer them your place in line.  When they ask you why, explain the whole notion of sharing God’s Love in a practical way.  Then offer to give them a quick flash prayer that they have a more peaceful day.  Rinse and repeat.   This is the most cost-effective evangelism I know of.  Besides where else but the BMV do people really need a little extra grace?

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