kenglassmeyerIf you have ended up at this site, chances are you met a Kindness Kook.

They probably surprised you with a sudden act of kindness like offering you a chilled beverage on a hot day, raking your leaves in the autumn, or maybe they paid you a dollar just to let them wash your car.  This was unexpected kindness, but it wasn’t random.  You were targeted.  You were profiled.

They weren’t merely being nice to you, and there was nothing random about it.  God caused them to cross paths with you because He just wanted to remind you how much He loves you.  That’s it.  No preaching.  No hidden agenda.  No strings. Just love.

They do not promote any particular church but, if you are looking for a community of believers to hang out with we would be happy to give you a few suggestions of places to try.  We are just ordinary people and don’t have all the answers, but if you are “church shopping” we will do our best to help you on your journey without ever being pushy.  That doesn’t mean we don’t have strong opinions about what an effective church looks like.  Keep in mind they may not be traditional brick and mortar churches.  There are many excellent home and web based gatherings in our region that might be perfect for you, if that is your preference.  Our goal isn’t to get you to attend a church.  We just wanted to tilt your head long enough for you to notice just how much God loves you.  The rest is between you, and Him.  We just got the pleasure of introducing you.

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