kenglassmeyerIf you have ended up at this site, chances are you met a KOOKY guy that was unexpectedly kind to you.  That’s me.  The Kindness Kook. My name is Ken Glassmeyer.  I am a retired educator and consultant that now devotes his ample free time to spreading kindness in our ever increasingly divisive world.

I wasn’t merely being nice to you, and there was nothing random about it.  God caused us to cross paths because He just wanted to remind you how much He loves you.  That’s it.  No preaching.  No hidden agenda.  No strings. Just love.

I do not promote any particular church but, if you are looking for a community of believers to hang out with, I would be happy to give you a few suggestions of places to try.  I am just an ordinary guy and I don’t have all the answers, but if you are “church shopping” I will do my best to help you on your journey without ever being pushy.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have strong opinions about what an effective church looks like.  Keep in mind they may not be traditional brick and mortar churches.  There are many excellent home and web based gatherings in our region that might be perfect for you, if that is your preference.  My goal isn’t to get you to attend a church.  I just wanted to tilt your head long enough for you to notice just how much God loves you.  The rest is between you and Him.

12494877_970980129647453_7683204402379135791_nNow there might be a second type of person that meandered to this site.  If you are a church planter or leader, hopefully our time together was productive and I was able to encourage you to try a new approach.  Actually, it isn’t new at all.  Jesus was the original servant evangelist.  He never spoke without first meeting the felt need of every crowd he visited.

The lost, don’t always know they are lost.  You might need to get their attention first.  This is where servant evangelism comes in. It is crucial that we show them the meaning of Jesus’s sacrifice, in a tangible way.  As Friar Francesco brilliantly exhorted:  “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”

I do apologize if our time together was too intense.  If you need to digest it1517510894_ent18_march_jontaffer3 more slowly, you will find a constant stream of rotating kindness resources here.  Like everything I do, it is absolutely free and there are no strings attached.  If you like what you read, I can put you in contact with people far smarter, and definitely more polite than me, if you really would like to transform your church. Even though I can come across a bit like Jon Taffer at times, it is only because I care that deeply about The Father’s Lost Children. The same way Jon cares about customers being mistreated by a neglectful bar owner is how I feel about a person seeking God being hindered by church folk that may or may not have good intentions. Let’s face it, many of them are stragglers because we have done a poor job as shepherds.  We forgot we were in the business of loving the prodigal wherever they are, and showing them the way back to The Father. My goal in life is to get churches to remember how to love people.  The best way to introduce people to the kingdom, is to demonstrate God’s ridiculous love for them.  Kindness Leads To Radical Life Change!

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